Veteran's Court

Veteran’s Court

The 18th Judicial Veterans Treatment Court (“VTC”) is a problem solving court that serves veterans who are struggling with trauma-related issues including, but not limited to, PTSD, TBI, substance use, and other mental health issues with a focus on those issues that are directly related to military service. The VTC diverts these individuals from the traditional criminal justice system response into a specialized veteran’s problem solving court.

The VTC promotes public safety, ensures participant accountability, supports recovery, and improves quality of life for participants and their families. The VTC has used peer mentors since the program began in 2013.  Peer support is a key factor in helping our targeted population through crisis, assisting them in developing necessary navigation and survival skills and improving the quality of their everyday lives.  The peer mentors supportive relationship, maintained throughout treatment, increases the likelihood that a veteran will remain in treatment and improve his or her chances for law-abiding behavior and sobriety.

If anyone knows a veteran who could benefit from this innovative and beneficial program or if you have any questions, please contact Helen C. Hoopes at