DEBA Mock Trial

DEBA Mock Trials

Did you know that high school students in Douglas and Elbert Counties participate in mock trial? Some schools offer classes, and others have clubs, where students learn trial practice, analytical thinking, public speaking and leadership skills. The students are coached and mentored both by teachers in the schools as well as local attorneys who volunteer their time to teach and work with the students.

The CBA holds a statewide tournament each year, in February and March. The Douglas Elbert Bar Association sponsors the annual regional High School Mock Trial Tournament, with our regional winner advancing to the state tournament. All of the students around the state work with the same case problem, which may be criminal or civil in nature, and develop both sides of the case for presentation. The students work in teams, with three “attorneys” and three “witnesses” for each side of the case. They prepare their strategies and presentation of evidence for at least three months prior to the regional tournament, with impressive results. Judges of the regional tournament frequently comment that the high school student attorneys are better litigators than some of the practicing lawyers that appear in their courtrooms!

DEBA relies on the generous Judicial Officers, attorneys, and lay people who give their time over a weekend each February to act as scoring panelists, Judges, and tournament coordinators, to ensure that our local high school students have an outstanding experience with the regional tournament. All of the volunteers remark what a fun experience that it is for them, and a great way to support young people in the community, and the legal profession. Please watch for announcements of how you may participate in the 2018 Tournament!

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